Medical Volunteer Yumi has spent the past six weeks at CRHP getting herself involved in a variety of activities. In this blog she writes about her experience helping out with the adolescent girls programme.

By Yumi Kovic

The Adolescent Girls Program has recently started to devote an hour each week to exploring science through fun activities. Last Sunday, the science crew worked hard to prototype pinhole cameras.

Pinhole cameras demonstrate the basics behind catching an image through a camera lens. A small hole lets light into an enclosed space, such as a box. The light then produces an upside-down image inside the box, which can be seen through a cut-out view hole or even developed onto film.

With our help, the girls designed a pinhole camera using only a box – that previously held water bottles -, tape, a sheet of paper, and a piece of aluminum foil. After building the cameras the girls took their creations outside. It was quite the sight to see with girls were jumping around, holding large boxes to their face with a towel draped over their head to block unwanted light!

Every one of the girls was able to see an image through their pinhole camera. Success

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