Donating to CRHP

Due to COVID-19, we have lost the opportunity to generate the earned income that usually covers more than 50% of our program expenses. We would greatly appreciate anything you can donate at this time so that we can continue our work.

*The PayPal donate link above will take you to PayPal’s secure donation site.

Unrestricted funds provide the most flexibility in meeting the needs of our communities in a timely manner. All donations from the United States made via PayPal are tax deductible.

Please email if you have any questions about donations.

CRHP’s Gift Catalog

Through CRHP’s Gift Catalog, you can choose exactly where your donation goes. We have over 20 donation options. Just $15 covers the cost of one delivery at Julia Hospital. A $50 donation supports the training of a new Village Health Worker for one month. Each donation comes with an honor card. Gift Catalog donations make great gifts for your loved ones! All donations from the United States made via CRHP’s Gift Catalog are tax deductible.

Purchase from Helping Hands

You can also purchase merchandise such as our beautiful bangle coasters, recycled sari bags, and the Jamkhed book from our Helping Hands initiative. This initiative was established in 2010 to provide employment and skills training to vulnerable women in the Jamkhed community who are often the primary earners in their family. It continues to serve as a fair-wage employment program for local women as well as a training opportunity and funding source for our Adolescent Girls Program. To purchase items from Helping Hands or for any questions, please contact: