The Mabelle Arole Fellowship


The Mabelle Arole Fellowship was founded in 2000, in collaboration with JSI Research and Training and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). In honor of Dr. Mabelle Arole, who passed away in 1999, this fellowship offers an accepted medical school student a ten-month exposure in community-based healthcare in a rural setting. The fellow will live on CRHP’s campus and be introduced to an alternative health system, different from the standard healthcare model that this future medical practitioner will apply later in life. The aim of the ten-month term is to expose the fellow to the difference between medical care and health. The major concepts included in this fellowship are: community-based primary care, maternal and child health, family planning, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and integrated rural development.


  • US citizenship or permanent residency
  • BA/BS degree from an accredited institution prior to the start of the fellowship period
  • Secured admission to a US medical school, and be willing to defer for a period of one year


  • Download application at JSI Research and Training
  • Short listed applicants must be willing to interview at the annual AMSA convention at their own expense in Washington DC
  • The fellow is offered a stipend of $8000 USD. This stipend will cover housing, living expenses, medical insurance and travel, including airfare to/from India.
  • A successful applicant should be flexible and culturally sensitive, ready to adapt to a rural living situation.
  • For more information, please contact JSI Research and Training

Elon Fellowship Alyssa, our 2013-2014 Elon Fellow conducting HIV research in the field

Elon University Fellowship

The Elon Fellowship is a legacy project of the Periclean Scholars class of 2012*, created to ensure sustainability of the class’ relationship and development efforts with CRHP. Each year, an Elon University graduating senior who demonstrates interest in and commitment towards international healthcare and development is selected to participate in a one-year post-graduate position at CRHP.

During their time at CRHP, the Fellow will gain experience in all aspects of a well-established Indian NGO and take on a variety of responsibilities such as administrative tasks, coordinating trainings, managing donor relations and writing grants. Periclean Scholars entrusts that the Fellow becomes proficient in the inner workings of non-profits, develops his or her long-term goals through field experience, creates and executes a year-long project that benefits CRHP, and gains experience useful for career advancement, such as a graduate school admission or employment, through being immersed at a well-established Indian NGO.

Applications are available online and are accepted until February 20th of the year of the senior applicant’s graduation. E-mail your application as one attachment to If you have any further questions please e-mail Elon University professor, Dr. Martin Kamela, at

*Project Pericles is a unique program at Elon University that aims to increase the level of civic engagement and social responsibility of the university community. Each year of students chooses a region of the world to study and develops a class project of global social change for that area. Specifically interested in the Adolescent Girls Program at CRHP, the class of 2012 has annually raised over $10,000 in support of the program.