What is the Science Center?

The Science Center is located on CRHP’s campus and contains a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a biology lab, a technology lab, and a large hall with a computer lab for introductory and concluding sessions. Outside the Center is a Science and Technology Park that provides a fun, science themed playground for the visiting students as well as a botanical garden containing medicinal plants. During the school year, the Center runs a program for both male and female students in 5th to 10th standard. Students, with their teacher, visit the Science Center for one day to participate in hands-on science and technology activities that are tied to the school curriculum, for each standard. Children are not charged for the Science Center program, and lunch is provided during the day. During the summer break, the Science Center runs an enrichment program for 11th and 12th standard students in various science and technology disciplines. The Center also runs workshops for local science and mathematics teachers, as well as science popularization activities for the Jamkhed Block community. The CRHP Science Center is a collaborative project between CRHP and Elon University, USA. Dr. Martin Kamela, associate professor of physics at Elon University, coordinates the program.

Who does the Science Center serve?

The Science Center serves secondary school students in standards 5-12 from schools in Jamkhed and the surrounding rural area. Teaching workshop activities are geared to local educators, and science popularization reaches a wider community of Jamkhed Block residents.

What are the goals of the Science Center?

  • To promote students’ interest in science, mathematics, and technology
  • To provide rural students the opportunity for hands-on science learning under the supervision of a teacher
  • To connect school learning of science to practical applications at the Science Center
  • To develop creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • To develop the habit of asking good questions about scientific matters
  • To support teachers with lesson plans and class activity ideas, in order to promote more effective science classroom strategies
  • To popularize science and technology in Jamkhed and surrounding rural area
  • To develop a replicable model for a rural science center which works to support area schools and communities