What is Artificial Limbs?

CRHP offers the Jaipur Foot, a prosthesis suited for the rural lifestyle and made with locally produced materials, through our Artificial Limb Workshop on-campus and camps throughout Maharashtra. This prosthesis can replace a missing foot, half leg, or full leg at a nominal or no charge. At CRHP, one artificial full leg costs USD $80. Yet, the same artificial limb in the nearby city of Pune would cost approximately 10 times this amount. CRHP charges for the cost of production to those who can afford it, to recover the cost of materials. For those who cannot afford an artificial limb, the fee is covered by CRHP and our sponsors.

The artificial calf is created using bendable aluminum; the foot is made from rubber painted to match the skin tone of the recipient’s leg. The full artificial leg is usually rigid, yet can be loosened when the person wants to sit, and many recipients of the full leg have been able to walk with few physical limitations. In an agricultural setting, the Jaipur Foot lasts three to four years, and in an urban setting, six to seven years.

Who does Artificial Limbs serve?

CRHP offers the Jaipur Foot to individuals in need regardless of gender, caste, class, age, or ability to pay. The top causes of missing lower limbs in the Jamkhed area are accidents and diabetes.Artificial lower limbs can drastically improve the lives of rural men and women who, without the use of a lower limb, are often seen as incapacitated by their families and communities.

What are the goals of the Artificial Limbs?

  • To enable all individuals to earn a living and thrive within their communities despite the absence of a lower limb
  • Exemplify appropriate technology: simple, local solutions to what may seem like devastating circumstances or challenges
  • Educate individuals nationally and internationally about making simple artificial lower limbs