What are Farmers’ Clubs?

Farmers’ Clubs are grassroots-level, informal associations made up of socially minded men of the same village. Such clubs are organized by village communities with the support and assistance of CRHP for the mutual benefit of the club members and villagers. The members work together to identify and address common development goals, such as which land cultivation techniques to use and watershed development. They also work with the Mobile Health Team and the Village Health Workers to address disease treatments and preventions, social problems and solutions, and options for further socioeconomic developmental activities related to community works, education, the environment, and natural resource management.

Who do Farmers’ Clubs serve?

Farmers’ Clubs act as support system and as a safe place for village men for open discussion about health and social issues. Farmers’Clubs sponsor and help organize Women’s Groups and help lead the Adolescent Boys Program. The open support of Farmers’ Club members from the village helps women mobilize and quells fear of reprisals from other men. In addition, Farmers’ Clubs assist in general health surveys in which members are responsible for the collection of health related information about each and every household in villages annually. Additionally, the clubs enable Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) in order to assess community needs and demographics in development projects.

What are the goals of the Farmers’ Clubs?

  • To promote development in rural areas by empowering men in villages with the knowledge and tools to help their communities
  • To engage men in rural areas to participate in community building activities
  • To educate men about the importance of women’s economic, social, and educational equality
  • To work with the Mobile Health Team in collecting village surveys
  • To work with the Village Health Workers to address common disease treatments and preventions
  • To provide support to an Adolescent Boys Program and Women’s Self-Help Groups in their village

Statistics :

 Year Number of CRHP-supported Farmers’ Clubs
2010-2011 26
2011-2012 26
2012-2013 29