Interview with Varsha and Vaishnavi, Adolescent Girls Program participants from Indiranagar
Interview by Lexi Barab, written by Julia Queale

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Varsha (left) and Vaishnavi (right)

What is the hardest thing about being a teenager?

Varsha: When I was 15, it was difficult to go outside and receive further education.
Vaishnavi: When I walk down the street, the boys harass me.

What advice would you give girls your own age?

Varsha: Don’t be afraid to be bold. Follow your education and answer the questions asked by your teacher.
Vaishnavi: Stand up for yourself. If you are being troubled, call the police.

How has CRHP’s Adolescent Girls Program helped you?

Varsha & Vaishnavi: During the program, we had classes on menstruation, female feticide, and personal hygiene. We learned not to give dowry and the importance of the female child. Also, we learned how to earn our own money.

How will you help the 15 year olds in your community?

Varsha & Vaishnavi: We will share the information we learned in the Adolescent Girls Program and teach them karate.

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