Training Options

traingnin1Diploma Course:

Specifically designed for practitioners in the field, this two-month course (August-September) offers intensive study  and practical planning for those who wish to implement CRHP’s approach in their respective communities. At the end of the course, participants produce an action plan for applying concepts and skills learned within their own project’s context. For more information, please email

Practicum/Experiential Course on Sustainable Development:

Specifically designed for undergraduate students, this three -week course provides students with an overview of public health work in a cross cultural, global setting and an exposure to a wide range of experiences in the field. The Practicum serves to integrate course work from the students’ home institution with active learning experiences at CRHP. For more information, please download the info sheet.

Here is what previous students have to say:

“My time here was humbling and enriching. It was amazing to interact with community change makers and watch and learn how they implement the health for all philosophy.”

“CRHP’s summer practicum course is perfect for any aspiring global public health or development practitioner because it’s the perfect setting to learn about successful and sustainable community based approaches to health and development in a rural context. You’ll walk away with life changing experiences and much professional and personal growth.”

 traingnin1Observations and Electives:

We welcome individuals and groups to our project villages to  observe the model in practice. We offer 3 to 21 day observation field visits, where interested parties will be able  to learn the CRHP approach in a flexible and customized fashion. Medical and Public Health Students that are interested in completing course electives at CRHP can be accommodated. For a sample syllabus, please email

t3Faculty-Led Courses:

Since 1990, faculty from around the world have brought students from a variety of disciplines to CRHP to complete public health practicums, undergraduate and graduate level courses, and supplements to medical or nurse-related courses. The Jamkhed International Institute for Training and Research currently hosts professors and student groups from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Elon University, Calvin College, Brooklyn College, and the Nossal Institute from the University of Melbourne. For more information, download a PDF sample of Faculty-Led Courses.

Untitled-1 copyDomestic Trainings:

CRHP also hosts domestic trainings. Trainees leave CRHP able to turn their newfound knowledge of community based primary healthcare into action in their own villages, towns, and cities. One organization with whom we have such a partnership is the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP). SERP is a government sponsored private institution which takes responsibility for the implementation of anti-poverty programs in Andhra Pradesh, India. SERP trains grass-roots health activists in maternal and child health, and women’s social and economic empowerment. Since 2003, SERP has partnered with CRHP to train rural health workers in the CRHP model. If you are interested in a domestic training, please contact